1. Computer Games

I’m not insane I know it can’t be mine
Why would we want it as we planned it
Seemed one in a million at the time
Now a spiral behind your eyelid

Teenagers too loud
Or looking for attention heads bowed
We can’t swim where’s the coast
Nights spent running from chasing ghosts

Can anybody see them
Restless for good reason
Closes in so kick out
Painted as lose or shut your mouth

Feel it closer always
Now pathetic and teenage
Like the messages we’d send
Isn’t she’s fed up with her boyfriend

This is for us and you can’t have it
Wasted the day are you out of your mind
Fall face down if you can’t stand it
Those are excuses get it right

We’ve found out it’s automatic
Notice the eyes, a shift in the tone
Am I a suitcase in your attic
Or a pattern you used to dial on the phone

No one’s trying to find you out
When there’s no noise and there’s no doubt
Next to long-forgotten middle names
There’s us through a window playing computer games