1. Yeah Yeah

'Yeah Yeah' is the new Foreign Television single, to be released on August 31st, 2020. The song was written in early 2020 in Wales, and then recorded in Moscow.


Ruins your sleep
Takes up space everywhere
Wanted to get it across and you
Watch it fall in mid-air

Pretend we're in a film
Didn't we breathe easily
Oh no could have been anybody
Saying something that had never occurred to me
Didn't hear a thing you said
Yeah yeah I know what you mean

Leave it
Fine by me
Perceive as we want to
From a bubble
Haven't you heard the news

Pretend we're in a film
I'm gonna breathe easily
Voice low oh no I'm nobody
Laugh at everything that's never occurred to me
When it all comes out wrong
Yeah yeah you know what I mean

Pretend we're in a film
We're gonna breathe easily
Spinning round in the dark with somebody
Who cares how you thought it was supposed to be
Exist belong
Yeah I know what you mean

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